LUN guidelines


The FC protocol and iSCSI protocol both provision storage through the use of LUNs. After you have setup your LUNs, you can perform various management tasks, such as increasing or decreasing the size of a LUN. After configuring your volume and setting the appropriate OS type, you must complete the steps that are necessary to setup your LUN.

Guidelines for assigning LUN IDs

Typically, the default LUN ID begins with 0 and is assigned in increments of 1 for each additional mapped LUN. The host associates the LUN ID with the location and path name of the LUN. The range of valid LUN ID numbers depends on the host. For detailed information, see the documentation provided with your Host Utilities.

Guidelines for mapping LUNs to igroups

  • You can map a LUN to only one igroup.

  • You can map a LUN to only one specific initiator through the igroup.

  • You can add a single initiator to multiple igroups, but the initiator can be mapped to only one LUN.

  • You cannot use the same LUN ID for two LUNs mapped to the same igroup.

  • You should use the same protocol type for igroups and port sets.