Delete a LIF in a SAN environment


Before you delete a LIF, you should ensure that the host connected to the LIF can access the LUNs through another path.

What you’ll need

If the LIF you want to delete is a member of a port set, you must first remove the LIF from the port set before you can delete the LIF.

  1. Verify the name of the LIF and current port to be deleted:

    network interface show –vserver vserver_name

  2. Delete the LIF:

    network interface delete

    network interface delete -vserver vs1 -lif lif1

  3. Verify that you deleted the LIF:

    network interface show

    network interface show -vserver vs1

    Logical Status     Network                     Current   Current Is
    Vserver Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask     Node      Port    Home
    ------- ---------- ---------- ---------------- --------- ------- ----
            lif2       up/up  node-01   e0b     true
            lif3       up/up  node-01   e0b     true