Create an NVMe namespace and subsystem


For systems using the NVMe protocol, you must create one or more NVMe namespaces and subsystems. Each namespace can then be mapped to an NVMe subsystem to allow data access from your host system.

What you’ll need

The SVM must already be configured for NVMe.

  1. Verify that the SVM is configured for NVMe:

    vserver show -vserver SVM_name -fields allowed-protocols

    NVMe should be displayed under the allowed-protocols column.

  2. Create the NVMe namespace:

    vserver nvme namespace create -vserver SVM_name -path path -size size_of_namespace -ostype OS_type

  3. Create the NVMe subsystem:

    vserver nvme subsystem create -vserver SVM_name -subsystem name_of_subsystem -ostype OS_type

  4. Verify that the subsystem was created:

    vserver nvme subsystem show -vserver SVM_name

    The nvme subsystem should be displayed under the Subsystem column.