Configure an SVM for FC


To configure a storage virtual machine (SVM) for FC, you must create LIFs for the SVM and assign the FC protocol to those LIFs.

What you’ll need

You must have an FC license and it must be enabled. If the FC license is not enabled, the LIFs and SVMs appear to be online but the operational status is down. The FC service must be enabled for your LIFs and SVMs to be operational. You must use single initiator zoning for all of the FC LIFs in the SVM to host the initiators.

About this task

NetApp supports a minimum of one FC LIF per node for each SVM serving data with the FC protocol. You must use two LIFs per node and two fabrics, with one LIF per node attached. This provides for redundancy at the node layer and the fabric.

  1. Enable FC service on the SVM:

    vserver fcp create -vserver vserver_name -status-admin up

  2. Create two LIFs for the SVMs on each node serving FC:

    network interface create -vserver vserver_name -lif lif_name -role data -data-protocol fcp -home-node node_name -home-port port

    The -role parameter should be data and the data-protocol parameter should be fcp.

  3. Verify that your LIFs have been created and that their operational status is online:

    network interface show -vserver vserver_name lif_name

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