Use a nonqualified tape drive


You can use a nonqualified tape drive on a storage system if it can emulate a qualified tape drive. It is then treated like a qualified tape drive. To use a nonqualified tape drive, you must first determine whether it emulates any of the qualified tape drives.

About this task

A nonqualified tape drive is one that is attached to the storage system, but not supported or recognized by ONTAP.

  1. View the nonqualified tape drives attached to a storage system by using the storage tape show-supported-status command.

    The following command displays tape drives attached to the storage system and the support and qualification status of each tape drive. The nonqualified tape drives are also listed. “`tape_drive_vendor_name`” is a nonqualified tape drive attached to the storage system, but not supported by ONTAP.

    cluster1::> storage tape show-supported-status -node Node1
              Node: Node1
              Tape Drive                Supported  Support Status
              --------------------      ---------  --------------
              "tape_drive_vendor_name"  false      Nonqualified tape drive
              Hewlett-Packard C1533A    true       Qualified
              Hewlett-Packard C1553A    true       Qualified
              Hewlett-Packard Ultrium 1 true       Qualified
              Sony SDX-300C             true       Qualified
              Sony SDX-500C             true       Qualified
              StorageTek T9840C         true       Dynamically Qualified
              StorageTek T9840D         true       Dynamically Qualified
              Tandberg LTO-2 HH         true       Dynamically Qualified
  2. Emulate the qualified tape drive.

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