Delete a FlexCache relationship


You can delete a FlexCache relationship and the FlexCache volume if you no longer require the FlexCache volume.

  1. From the cluster that has the FlexCache volume, take the FlexCache volume offline:

    volume offline -vserver svm_name -volume volume_name

  2. Delete the FlexCache volume:

    volume flexcache delete -vserver svm_name -volume volume_name

    The FlexCache relationship details are removed from the origin volume and the FlexCache volume.


    If the volume flexcache delete command fails to clean up the origin side configuration, you are prompted to run the volume flexcache origin cleanup-cache-relationship command. In this scenario, go to Step 3.

  3. From the origin cluster, clean up the FlexCache relationship details from the origin volume:

    volume flexcache origin cleanup-cache-relationship -origin-volume origin_volume -origin-vserver origin_svm -cache-vserver flexcache_svm -cache-volume flexcache_vol


    If you run the volume flexcache origin cleanup-cache-relationship command, the FlexCache relationship is deleted and cannot be reestablished.

    cluster1::> volume flexcache origin cleanup-cache-relationship -origin-volume origin1 -origin-vserver vs34 -cache-vserver vs56 -cache-volume fc1
    Warning: This command only needs to be run if "volume flexcache delete" fails on
             the FlexCache cluster and prompts you to run this command. The cache
             configuration will be deleted and cannot be reestablished for the
             cache relationship between origin of a FlexCache volume
             "origin1" in Vserver "vs34" and FlexCache volume
             "fc1" in Vserver "vs56".
    Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y