Manage audit GET request settings

Contributors netapp-forry

While SET requests are logged by default, GET requests are not. However, you can control whether GET requests sent from ONTAP HTML (-httpget), the ONTAP CLI (-cliget), or from the ONTAP APIs (-ontapiget) are logged in the file.

You can modify audit logging settings from the ONTAP CLI, and beginning with ONTAP 9.11.1, from System Manager.

System Manager
  1. Select Events & Jobs > Audit Logs.

  2. Click settings icon in the upper-right corner, then choose the requests to add or remove.

  • To specify that GET requests from the ONTAP CLI or APIs should be recorded in the audit log (the audit.log file), in addition to default set requests, enter:
    security audit modify [-cliget {on|off}][-httpget {on|off}][-ontapiget {on|off}]

  • To display the current settings, enter:
    security audit show

See the man pages for details.