Delete a consistency group


If you decide that you no longer need a consistency group, it can be deleted.

Deleting a consistency group deletes the instance of the consistency group and does not impact the constituent volumes or LUNs. Deleting a consistency group does not result in deletion of the Snapshots present on each volume, but they will no longer be accessible as consistency group Snapshots. They can, however, continue to be managed as ordinary volume granular snapshots.

Consistency groups will also be deleted if all or all but one of the constituent objects in a consistency group are deleted. Volumes can only be removed from a consistency group if the volume itself is deleted, in which case the volume is automatically removed from the consistency group.

  1. In the consistency group menu under Storage > Consistency groups, select the consistency group you would like to delete.

  2. Next to the name of the consistency group, select three vertically stacked dots and then Delete.