Archive and compliance overview

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You can use NetApp SnapLock technology to retain files in unmodified form for regulatory and governance purposes. It shows you how to commit files and Snapshot copies to “write once, read many” (WORM) storage, and how to set retention periods for WORM-protected data.

You should use these procedures if you want to work with SnapLock in the following ways:

  • You want to use the ONTAP command-line interface (CLI), not System Manager or an automated scripting tool.

    A limited but important set of SnapLock technology is available in System Manager. You can install SnapLock licenses, set the Compliance Clock, create SnapLock aggregates and volumes, and configure SnapLock volumes.

  • You want to create Compliance or Enterprise aggregates to host SnapLock audit log volumes on MetroCluster configurations, with the following limitation:

    • SnapLock Enterprise is supported on mirrored and unmirrored aggregates.

    • SnapLock Compliance is supported on unmirrored aggregates only.

      All MetroCluster configurations support mirrored aggregates. See the ONTAP release notes to determine if your MetroCluster configuration supports unmirrored aggregates.

  • You want to use SnapLock Enterprise aggregates with FabricPool.

    Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, SnapLock Enterprise aggregates are supported with FabricPool.

  • You are not using SAN LUNs

    SAN LUNs are not supported on SnapLock volumes. Although it is possible to move SAN LUNs onto a SnapLock volume using legacy technology, this is not a supported operation, nor is any other operation involving SAN LUNs on a SnapLock volume.

  • You are not using SMTape.

    SMTape is not supported by SnapLock.

  • You are not creating Compliance aggregates for array LUNs.

    SnapLock Compliance aggregates do not support array LUNs.

  • You are not creating Compliance aggregates with the SyncMirror option.

    SnapLock Compliance aggregates do not support SyncMirror plexes.


SSDs and Flash Pool aggregates are supported by SnapLock beginning with ONTAP 9.1.