Enable Activity Tracking


Beginning with ONTAP 9.10.1, File System Analytics includes an Activity Tracking feature that allows you to identify hot objects with Activity Tracking and download them as CSV file.

Activity Tracking enables monitoring in four categories:

  • Directories

  • Files

  • Clients

  • Users

For each category monitored, Activity Tracking will display read IOPs, write IOPs, read throughputs, and write throughputs. Queries on Activity Tracking refresh every 10 to 15 seconds pertaining to hot spots seen in the system over the previous five-second interval.

Activity tracking information is approximate, and the accuracy of the data depends on the distribution of the incoming I/O traffic.

When viewing Activity Tracking in System Manager, only the menu of the expanded volume will actively refresh. If the view of any volumes are collapsed, they will not refresh until the volume display is expanded. You can stop the refreshes with the Pause Refresh button. Activity data can be downloaded in a CSV format that will display all the point-in-time data captured for the selected volume.


You can enable Activity Tracking with ONTAP System Manager, the ONTAP CLI, or the ONTAP REST API.

System Manager
  1. Select Storage > Volumes. Select the desired volume. From the individual volume menu, select File System and then select the Activity tab.

  2. Ensure Activity Tracking is turned on to view individual reports on top directories, files, clients, and users.

  3. To analyze data in greater depth without refreshes, select Pause Refresh. You can download the data to have a CSV record of the report as well.

  1. Enable Activity Tracking:
    volume activity-tracking on -vsverver svm_name -volume volume_name

  2. You can check if the Activity Tracking state for a volume is on or off with the command:
    volume activity-tracking show -vsverver svm_name -volume volume_name -state

  3. Once enabled, use ONTAP System Manager or the ONTAP REST API to display Activity Tracking data.