Configure a backup user for the cluster


To authenticate NDMP from the backup application, you must create a local backup user, or an NIS or LDAP user for the cluster with the admin or backup role, and generate an NDMP password for the backup user.

What you’ll need

If you are using an NIS or LDAP user, the user must be created on the respective server. You cannot use an Active Directory user.

  1. Create a backup user with the admin or backup role by using the security login create command.

    You can specify a local backup user name or an NIS or LDAP user name for the -user-or-group-name parameter.

    The following command creates the backup user backup_admin1 with the backup role:

    cluster1::> security login create -user-or-group-name backup_admin1 -application ssh
    -authmethod password -role backup
    Please enter a password for user 'backup_admin1':
    Please enter it again:
  2. Generate a password for the admin SVM by using the vserver services ndmp generate password command.

    The generated password must be used to authenticate the NDMP connection by the backup application.

    cluster1::> vserver services ndmp generate-password -vserver cluster1 -user backup_admin1
     Vserver: cluster1
        User: backup_admin1
    Password: qG5CqQHYxw7tE57g