Configure an SVM for iSCSI


To configure a storage virtual machine (SVM) for iSCSI, you must create LIFs for the SVM and assign the iSCSI protocol to those LIFs.

About this task

You need a minimum of one iSCSI LIF per node for each SVM serving data with the iSCSI protocol. For redundancy, you should create at least two LIFs per node.

  1. Enable the SVMs to listen for iSCSI traffic:

    vserver iscsi create -vserver vserver_name -target-alias vserver_name

  2. Create a LIF for the SVMs on each node to use for iSCSI:

    network interface create -vserver vserver_name -lif lif_name -role data -data-protocol iscsi -home-node node_name -home-port port_name -address ip_address -netmask netmask

  3. Verify that you set up your LIFs correctly:

    network interface show -vserver vserver_name

  4. Verify that iSCSI is up and running and the target IQN for that SVM:

    vserver iscsi show –vserver vserver_name

  5. From your host, create iSCSI sessions to your LIFs.