Considerations for SAN configurations in a MetroCluster environment


You must be aware of certain considerations when using SAN configurations in a MetroCluster environment.

  • Two-node, four-node, and eight-node MetroCluster configurations do not support front-end FC fabric “routed” vSAN configurations.

  • Two-node, four-node, and eight-node MetroCluster configurations support SAN protocols.

  • When using SAN client configurations, you must check whether any special considerations for MetroCluster configurations are included in the notes that are provided in the Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT).

  • The NVMe protocol is not supported on MetroCluster configurations.

  • The MetroCluster is using the same WWPNs on both sides of the front-end SAN.

    To avoid overlap when the old port goes offline and the new port comes online, use the following steps to configure the front-end switches:

    For a..

    Use these steps:

    Cisco switch

    1. Connect to the switch and log in.

    2. Enter configuration mode:

      switch# config t
    3. Overwrite the first device entry in the name server database with the new device:

      switch(config)# no fcns reject-duplicate-pwwn vsan 1
    4. In switches that are running NX-OS 8.x, confirm that the flogi quiesce timeout is set to zero:

      1. Display the quiesce timerval:

        switch(config)# show flogi interval info | i quiesce

        Stats:  fs flogi quiesce timerval:  0
      2. If the output in the previous step does not indicate that the timerval is zero, then set it to zero:

        switch(config)# flogi scale enable

        switch(config)$ flogi quiesce timeout 0

    Brocade switch

    1. Connect to the switch and log in.

    2. Enter the switchDisable command.

    3. Enter the configure command, and press y at the prompt.

      F-Port login parameters (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
    4. Choose setting 1:

      - 0: First login take precedence over the second login (default)
      - 1: Second login overrides first login.
      - 2: the port type determines the behavior
      Enforce FLOGI/FDISC login: (0..2) [0] 1
    5. Respond to the remaining prompts, or press Ctrl + D.

    6. Enter the switchEnable command.

For further MetroCluster-specific host information, refer to the following NetApp Knowledgebase articles: