Collect network information in ONTAP 9.2 and earlier


If you are using ONTAP 9.2 or earlier, you should fill out the network configuration worksheet before enabling external key management.


Beginning with ONTAP 9.3, the system discovers all needed network information automatically.




Key management network interface name

Key management network interface IP address

IP address of node management LIF, in IPv4 or IPv6 format

Key management network interface IPv6 network prefix length

If you are using IPv6, the IPv6 network prefix length

Key management network interface subnet mask

Key management network interface gateway IP address

IPv6 address for the cluster network interface

Required only if you are using IPv6 for the key management network interface

Port number for each KMIP server

Optional. The port number must be the same for all KMIP servers. If you do not provide a port number, it defaults to port 5696, which is the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigned port for KMIP.

Key tag name

Optional. The key tag name is used to identify all keys belonging to a node. The default key tag name is the node name.