Recover deleted volumes

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If you have accidently deleted one or more FlexVol volumes, you can recover these volumes. You can also delete the volumes permanently by purging the volumes.

The volume retention time can be set on a storage VM level. By default, the volume retention time is set to 12 hours.

Selecting deleted volumes

  1. Click Storage > Volumes.

  2. Click More > Show Deleted Volumes.

  3. Select the volumes and click the desired action to recover or permanently delete the volumes.

Resetting the volume configurations

Deleting a volume deletes the associated configurations of the volume. Recovering a volume does not reset all the configurations. Perform the following tasks manually after recovering a volume to bring the volume back to its original state:

  1. Rename the volume.

  2. Set up a junction path (NAS).

  3. Create mappings for LUNs in the volume (SAN).

  4. Associate a Snapshot policy and export policy with the volume.

  5. Add new quota policy rules for the volume.

  6. Add a QOS policy for the volume.