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System Manager Classic

Complete the NFS client configuration worksheet

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

You require network addresses and storage configuration information to perform NFS client configuration tasks.

Target network addresses

You require a subnet with two IP addresses for NFS data LIFs for each node in the cluster. There should be two separate networks for high availability. The specific IP addresses are assigned by ONTAP when you create the LIFs as part of creating the SVM.

If possible, separate network traffic on separate physical networks or on VLANs.

Network topology for client configuration

Subnet for LIFs:

Node or LIF with port to switch IP address Network mask Gateway VLAN ID Home port

Node 1 / LIF to switch 1

Node 2 / LIF to switch 1

Node 3 / LIF to switch 1

Node 4 / LIF to switch 1

Node 1 / LIF to switch 2

Node 2 / LIF to switch 2

Node 3 / LIF to switch 2

Node 4 / LIF to switch 2

Storage configuration

If the aggregate and are already created, record their names here; otherwise, you can create them as required:

Node to own NFS export

Aggregate name


NFS export information

Export size

Export name (optional)

Export description (optional)

SVM information

If you are not using an existing , you require the following information to create a new one:

SVM name

Aggregate for SVM root volume

SVM user name (optional)

SVM password (optional)

SVM management LIF (optional)


IP address:

Network mask:


Home node: