System Manager Classic

Performing a negotiated switchover

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Beginning with System Manager 9.6, you can initiate a negotiated (planned) switchover of a MetroCluster site. This operation is useful when you want to perform disaster recovery testing or planned maintenance on the site.

  1. In System Manager, use the cluster administrator credentials to log on to the local MetroCluster site (Site A).

  2. Click Configuration > MetroCluster

    TheMetroCluster Switchover/Switchback Operations window displays.

  3. Click Next.

    The MetroCluster Switchover and Switchback Operations window displays the status of the operations, and System Manager verifies whether a negotiated switchover is possible.

  4. Perform one of the following substeps when the validation process has completed:

    • If validation is successful, proceed to Step 5.

    • If validation fails, but Site B is up, then an error has occurred, such as a problem with a subsystem or NVram mirroring is not synchronized. You can perform either of the following processes:

      • Fix the issue that is causing the error, click Close, and then start again at Step 1.

      • Halt the Site B nodes, click Close, and then perform the steps in Performing an unplanned switchover.

    • If validation fails, and Site B is down, then most likely there is a connection problem. Verify that Site B is really down, then perform the steps in Performing an unplanned switchover.

  5. Click Switchover from Site B to Site A to initiate the switchover process.

    A warning message displays, warning you that the switchover operation stops all data SVMs on Site B and restarts them on Site A.

  6. If you want to proceed, click Yes.

    The switchover process begins. The states of Site A and Site B are displayed above the graphic representations of their configurations. If the switchover operation fails, an error message displays. Click Close. Correct any errors and start again at Step1

  7. Wait until System Manager shows that healing has been completed.

    When healing is completed, Site B is operational, and systems prepare for the switchback process.

    When the preparations for the switchback process are complete, the Switchback from Site A to Site B button is active at the bottom of the window.

  8. To proceed with the switchback operation, perform the steps in Performing a switchback.