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Update LUN reporting nodes after moving a volume

Contributors netapp-thomi NetAppZacharyWambold

If the volume that you moved contained LUNs and the volume is now on a different HA pair, you should remove all remote nodes from the Selective LUN Map (SLM) reporting-nodes list. The LUN map then contains only the owner node and its HA partner, which ensures that only optimized LUN paths are used.

About this task

This procedure is necessary only if you moved the volume from its HA pair to a different HA pair. If the volume is on a different node of the same HA pair, you can skip this procedure.

  1. Remove all of the remote nodes from the reporting-nodes list by using the lun mapping remove-reporting-nodes command with the -remote-nodes parameter.

    cluster1::> lun mapping remove-reporting-nodes -vserver SVM1 -volume vol1 -igroup ig1 -remote-nodes true
  2. Verify that the LUN map contains only the owner node and its partner by using the lun mapping show command with the -fields reporting-nodes parameter.

    cluster1::> lun mapping show -vserver SVM1 -volume vol1 -fields reporting-nodes
    vserver  path        igroup   reporting-nodes
    -------- ----------- -------- ---------------------------------------------
    SVM1     /vol/vol1   ig1      cluster1-3,cluster1-4
  3. Remove stale device entries for the host operating system.

  4. Rescan from the host to refresh the host's available paths.

    See your host documentation for specific steps to rescan your hosts.