Zeroing spare disks

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You can use System Manager to erase all the data and to format the spare disks by writing zeros to the disk. These disks can then be used in new aggregates.

About this task

When you zero the spare disks, all the spares in the cluster, including array LUNs, are zeroed. You can zero the spare disks for a specific node or for the entire cluster.

  1. Click Storage > Aggregates & Disks > Disks.

  2. In the Disks window, select the Inventory tab.

  3. Click Zero Spares.

  4. In the Zero Spares dialog box, select a node or “All nodes” from which you want to zero the disks.

  5. Select the Zero all non-zeroed spares check box to confirm the zeroing operation.

  6. Click Zero Spares.

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