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Bind iSCSI ports to the iSCSI software adapter

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold netapp-ahibbard

The ports you created for iSCSI must be associated with the iSCSI software adapter to support multipathing.

Before you begin
  • The iSCSI VMkernel ports must be created.

  • The iSCSI software adapter must be enabled on the ESXi host.

About this task

You can bind the iSCSI ports using the vSphere Client.

For detailed instructions, see VMware vSphere Storage for your version of ESXi 5 from VMware.

  1. Bind the first iSCSI port to the iSCSI software adapter by using the Network Port Binding tab of the iSCSI software adapter Adapter Details dialog box in the vSphere Client.

  2. Bind the second iSCSI port to the iSCSI software adapter.