Start the iSCSI sessions with the target

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The Linux host must have an iSCSI connection with each node (target) in the storage cluster. You establish the sessions from the host.

About this task

In ONTAP, the iSCSI host must have paths to each node in the cluster. DM-Multipath selects the best paths to use. If paths fail, DM-Multipath selects alternate paths.

  1. Start the iSCSI service from the Linux host command prompt:

    service iscsid force-start

  2. Discover the iSCSI target:

    iscsiadm --mode discovery --op update --type sendtargets --portal targetIP

    The IP address of each discovered target displays on a separate line.

  3. Establish iSCSI sessions by logging in to each target:

    iscsiadm --mode node -l all

  4. You can view a list of the active iSCSI sessions:

    iscsiadm --mode session