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System Manager Classic

Record the WWPN for each host FC port

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

The worldwide port name (WWPN) is required to zone the FC switches and to create the igroups that allow the host to access its LUN.

Before you begin

You must have installed the vendor's HBA utility for the HBAs in your host and verified HBAs are running supported driver, firmware, and BIOS versions for your configuration.

About this task

The WWPN is used for all configuration. You do not have to record the worldwide node name (WWNN).

  1. Run the HBA utility for your FC HBA type.

  2. Select the HBA.

  3. Record the WWPN of each port.

    The following example shows Emulex HBA Manager, formerly known as OneCommand Manager.

    Image shows a 2-port HBA displayed in OneCommand Manager with the WWPN values for each port.

    Other utilities, such as QLogic QConvergeConsole, provide the equivalent information.

  4. Repeat the previous step for each FC HBA in the host.