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Configure iSCSI on an existing SVM

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

You can configure iSCSI on an existing storage virtual machine (SVM). The iSCSI protocol must already be enabled but not configured on the SVM. This information is intended for SVMs for which you are configuring multiple protocols, but have not yet configured iSCSI.

Before you begin

You must have enough network addresses available to create two LIFs for each node.

  1. Navigate to the SVMs window.

  2. Select the SVM that you want to configure.

  3. In the SVM Details pane, verify that iSCSI is displayed with a gray background, which indicates that the protocol is enabled but not fully configured.

    If iSCSI is displayed with a green background, the SVM is already configured.

    Image shows the details page with all four protocols having gray backgrounds.
  4. Click the iSCSI protocol link with the gray background.

    The Configure iSCSI Protocol window is displayed.

  5. Configure the iSCSI service and LIFs from the Configure iSCSI protocol page:

    1. Enter a target alias name.

    2. Enter 2 in the LIFs per node field.

      Two LIFs are required for each node to ensure availability and data mobility.

    3. Assign IP addresses for the LIFs either with a subnet or without a subnet.

    4. Ignore the optional Provision a LUN for iSCSI storage area, because the LUN is provisioned by Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere in a later step.

    5. Click Submit & Close.

  6. Review the Summary page, record the LIF information, and then click OK.