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System Manager Classic

Update NDMP backup after moving a volume

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

If the volume that you moved was previously backed up to tape using NDMP in a specific configuration, after moving the volume, you can perform one of the following actions to ensure the volume continues to be backed up successfully: create a baseline or migrate the backup LIF to the node containing the moved volume.

About this task
  • This procedure is necessary only if the backup application does not support the cluster-aware backup (CAB) extension and the backup process uses node-scoped NDMP.

    If the backup application supports CAB and it is configured to use the SVM-scoped NDMP mode, you can skip this procedure.

  • You must perform only one of these actions, not both.


  • From the backup application, create a new baseline.

  • Identify the LIF that is configured for the backup process, and then migrate the LIF to the node where the volume now resides.