System Manager Classic

Initialize and format the LUN

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When a new LUN is first accessed by the Windows host, it has no partition or file system. You must initialize the LUN, and optionally format it with a file system.

Before you begin

The LUN must have been discovered by the Windows host.

About this task

LUNs appear in Windows Disk Management as disks.

You can initialize the disk as a basic disk with a GPT or MBR partition table.

You typically format the LUN with a file system such as NTFS, but some applications use raw disks instead.

  1. Start Windows Disk Management.

  2. Right-click the LUN, and then select the required disk or partition type.

  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

    If you choose to format the LUN as NTFS, you must select the Perform a quick format check box.