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System Manager Classic

Performing a switchback

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Beginning with System Manager 9.6, you can perform a switchback operation that restores control to the original MetroCluster site (Site B) after the system has completed a successful switchover operation.

Before you begin

Before you perform a switchback operation, you must complete the following tasks:

  • You must prepare the MetroCluster sites by Performing a negotiated (planned) switchover or Performing an unplanned switchover.

  • If errors occurred during the healing operation, you must follow the displayed instructions to fix them.

  • If the state of the remote site is displayed as “Getting ready for switchback”, then the aggregates are still resynchronizing. You should wait until the status of the remote site indicates that it is ready for switchback.

About this task

If a switchover operation is successful, the MetroCluster Switchover and Switchback Operations window displays. The window shows the status of both sites and provides a message that tells you the operation was successful.

  1. Click Switchback from Site A to Site B to initiate the switchback operation.

    A warning message tells you that the switchback operation is returning MetroCluster control to Site B and that the process might take some time.

  2. If you want to proceed, click Yes.

  3. Perform one of the following substeps when the switchback process has completed:

    • If the switchback operation is successful, click Done to acknowledge the completion of MetroCluster operations.


      Until you acknowledge the completion of the switchback operation, System Manager continues to display a message that the operation has completed. You cannot initiate another operation or monitor subsequent switchover or switchback operations until you acknowledge the completion of the switchback operation.

    • If the switchback operation is not successful, error messages display at the top of the status area. Make corrections if needed, and click Switchback from Site A to Site B to retry the process.