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System Manager Classic

Create a share and set its permissions

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

Before Windows users can access a volume, you must create a CIFS share on the volume and restrict access to the share by modifying the access control list (ACL) for the share.

About this task

For testing purposes, you should permit access only to administrators. Later, after you have verified that the volume is accessible, you can permit access to more clients.

  1. Navigate to the Shares window.

  2. Create a share so that SMB clients can access the volume:

    1. Click Create Share.

    2. In the Create Share dialog box, click Browse, expand the namespace hierarchy, and then select the volume that you created earlier.

    3. If you want the share name to be different from the volume name, change the share name.

    4. Click Create.

    The share is created with a default ACL set to Full Control for the Everyone group.

  3. Restrict access to the share by modifying the share ACL:

    1. Select the share, and then click Edit.

    2. In the Permissions tab, select the Everyone group, and then click Remove.

    3. Click Add, and then enter the name of an administrator group defined in the Windows Active Directory domain that includes the SVM.

    4. With the new administrator group selected, select all permissions for it.

    5. Click Save and Close.

    The updated share access permissions are listed in the Share Access Control pane.