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Performing a unplanned switchover

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Beginning with System Manager 9.6, you can initiate an unplanned switchover of a MetroCluster site. This operation is useful after an outage event or disaster event.

Before you begin

Your MetroCluster is running in normal operating condition; however, the nodes in the local cluster (Site A) are up, but the nodes in the remote cluster (Site B) are down.

  1. Verify that Site B is actually down.

    A connection error might make Site B appear to be down.


    Starting the switchover process with Site B up could cause disastrous results.

  2. In System Manager, log on to the local MetroCluster site (Site A) using the cluster administrator credentials.

  3. Click Configuration > MetroCluster

    TheMetroCluster Switchover/Switchback Operations window displays.

  4. Click Next.

    The MetroCluster Switchover/Switchback Operations window displays the status of the operations, and System Manager verifies whether a negotiated switchover is feasible.

  5. When the validation process is complete, click Switchover Site B to Site A to initiate the switchover process.

    A warning message displays, warning you that the switchover operation switches control from Site B to Site A. The status of Site B should be “UNREACHABLE”, and all Site B nodes are shown in red text.


    As noted in Step 1, Site B must actually be down and not just unconnected. Also, you should be aware that the switchover operation might cause data loss.

  6. If you want to proceed, ensure the check box is checked, and then click Yes.

    The switchover process begins. The states of Site A and Site B are displayed above the graphic representations of their configurations. If the switchover operation fails, an error message displays. Click Close. Correct any errors and start again at Step1

  7. Perform all required maintenance activities for Site B.

  8. Ensure Site B is up.

    The healing process begins. When System Manager shows the healing is completed, Site B is operational and the systems prepare for the switchback process. The Switchback from Site A to Site B button appears at the bottom of the window.

  9. Proceed to Performing a switchback to initiate the switchback operation.