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System Manager Classic

Create intercluster LIFs (Beginning with ONTAP 9.3)

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Beginning with ONTAP 9.3, until ONTAP 9.7, you can use the ONTAP System Manager classic interface to create intercluster logical interfaces (LIFs), which enable the cluster network to communicate with a node. You must create an intercluster LIF within each IPspace that will be used for peering, on each node in each cluster for which you want to create a peer relationship.

About this task

For example, if you have a four-node cluster that you want to peer with cluster X over IPspace A, and peer with cluster Y over IPspace Y, then you need a total of eight intercluster LIFs; Four on IPspace A (one per node), and four on IPspace Y (one per node).

You must perform this procedure on both clusters for which you want to create a peer relationship.

  1. Click Configuration > Advanced Cluster Setup.

  2. In the Setup Advanced Cluster Features window, click Proceed next to the Cluster Peering option.

  3. Select an IPspace from the IPspace list.

  4. Enter the IP address, port, network mask, and gateway details of each node.

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  5. Click Submit and Continue.

What to do next

You should enter the cluster details in the Cluster Peering window to continue with cluster peering.