Performing a switchback

Starting with System Manager 9.6, you can perform a switchback operation that restores control to the original MetroCluster site (Site B) after the system has completed a successful switchover operation.

Before you begin

Before you perform a switchback operation, you must complete the following tasks:

About this task

If a switchover operation is successful, the MetroCluster Switchover and Switchback Operations window displays. The window shows the status of both sites and provides a message that tells you the operation was successful.


  1. Click Switchback from Site A to Site B to initiate the switchback operation.
    A warning message tells you that the switchback operation is returning MetroCluster control to Site B and that the process might take some time.
  2. If you want to proceed, click Yes.
  3. Perform one of the following substeps when the switchback process has completed:
    • If the switchback operation is successful, click Done to acknowledge the completion of MetroCluster operations.
      Note: Until you acknowledge the completion of the switchback operation, System Manager continues to display a message that the operation has completed. You cannot initiate another operation or monitor subsequent switchover or switchback operations until you acknowledge the completion of the switchback operation.
    • If the switchback operation is not successful, error messages display at the top of the status area. Make corrections if needed, and click Switchback from Site A to Site B to retry the process.