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SnapManager for SAP

Installing SnapManager for SAP


You can install SnapManager on the host that has one or more databases to be managed. You can install only one SnapManager instance per host.

  • You must have completed the required preinstallation tasks.

  • The latest latest SnapManager installation package must be downloaded.

  • The appropriate version of SnapDrive for Windows must be installed and configured on all the target hosts.

    For information about installing and configuring SnapDrive for Windows, see SnapDrive for Windows Installation and Administration Guide.

    1. Double-click the SnapManager installation file:

      If the operating system is…​ Then use…​

      Windows x86

      Windows x64

      The following message is displayed: The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?

    2. Click OK.

    3. In the Introduction window, click Next.

    4. In the Choose Install Folder window, either click Next to accept the default installation location or select a new location.

      The default location is: C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for SAP.

    5. In the Menu Availability window, click Next.

    6. In the Specify Service Properties window, enter the account and password information for Windows service.

      The specified account must be a member of the following groups:

      • The storage system's local administration group

      • The local administrator's group

      • The ORA_DBA group You can specify whether the service must start automatically after reboot or should be started manually.

    7. In the Pre-Installation Summary window, click Install.

    8. In the Install Complete window, click Next.

    9. In the Important Information window, click Done to exit the installer.

After completing the installation, you can verify that the installation was successful:

  1. Start the SnapManager server:

    1. In the Windows Services window, select NetApp SnapManager version for SAP.

    2. In the left panel, click Start.

  2. Verify that the SnapManager system is running correctly:

    1. Click Start > Programs > NetApp > SnapManager for SAP > Start SMSAP Command Line Interface (CLI).

    2. In the command-line interface (CLI), enter the following command: smsap system verify The following message is displayed: Operation Id number succeeded.

    number is the operation ID number.

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