Provisioning cache to aggregates by adding SSDs

You can use System Manager to add storage pools or dedicated SSDs to provision cache by converting an existing non-root HDD aggregate or a root aggregate that does not contain partitioned disks to a Flash Pool aggregate.

Before you begin


  1. Choose one of the following methods:
    • Click the Storage Tiers tab.
    • Click Hardware and Diagnostics > Aggregates.
  2. In the Storage Tiers window, select the aggregate, and then click Actions > Add Cache.
    Note: Adding cache is not supported on FabricPool.
  3. In the Add Cache dialog box, perform the appropriate action:
    If you select the cache source as... Do this...
    Storage pools
    1. Select the storage pool from which cache can be obtained.
    2. Specify the cache size.
    3. Modify the RAID type, if required.
    Dedicated SSDs Select the SSD size and the number of SSDs to include, and optionally modify the RAID configuration:
    1. Click Change.
    2. In the Change RAID Configuration dialog box, specify the RAID type and RAID group size, and then click Save.
  4. Click Add.
    For mirrored aggregates, an Add Cache dialog box is displayed with the information that twice the number of selected disks will be added.
  5. In the Add Cache dialog box, click Yes.


The cache disks are added to the selected aggregate.