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ONTAP FlexArray

Where to find information about ONTAP support for storage arrays

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Not all ONTAP releases support the same features, configurations, system models, and storage array models. During your deployment planning, you must check ONTAP support information to verify that your deployment conforms to ONTAP hardware and software requirements for all systems in the deployment.

The following table lists the information sources that contain the details of the hardware and software requirements associated with ONTAP systems:

For information about…​ You should look here…​

Tasks for ONTAP implementation with storage arrays, including the following:

  • Planning the implementation

  • Connecting the ONTAP systems and the array

  • Verifying the installation

ONTAP working with devices, including the following:

  • Supported storage arrays and storage array firmware

  • Supported switches and switch firmware

  • Whether your storage array supports nondisruptive (live) upgrade of the storage array firmware

  • Whether a MetroCluster configuration is supported with your storage array

You can view information about advanced feature support for E-Series storage arrays with FlexArray Virtualization by referring to the appropriate notes on the V-Series and FlexArray Virtualization for Back-end Storage solution page of the Interoperability Matrix

ONTAP limits for releases and platforms, including the following:

  • Minimum and maximum array LUN sizes, including the minimum array LUN size for the root volume and spare core array LUNs

  • Minimum aggregate size for aggregates with array LUNs

  • Supported block size

  • Minimum and maximum capacity

  • Neighborhood limits

Setting up E-Series storage arrays, including the following:

  • Site preparation requirements

  • Cabling instructions

  • SANtricity software installation and configuration instructions

The following E-Series documentation:

  • E-Series Storage Systems Site Preparation Guide

  • E-Series Storage Systems Hardware Cabling Guide

  • SANtricity ES Storage Manager documentation

You can access these documents from the NetApp Support site.