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ONTAP FlexArray

Preparing a storage array for use with ONTAP systems

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

Before you can begin setting up ONTAP systems in a configuration with array LUNs, the storage array administrator must prepare the storage for use with ONTAP.

What you'll need

The storage arrays, firmware, and switches that you plan to use in the configuration must be supported by the specific ONTAP version.

  • NetApp Interoperability

    In the IMT, you can use the Storage Solution field to select your MetroCluster solution. You use the Component Explorer to select the components and ONTAP version to refine your search. You can click Show Results to display the list of supported configurations that match the criteria.

  • NetApp Hardware Universe

You must coordinate with the storage array administrator to perform this task on the storage array.

  1. Create at least four LUNs on the storage array for the ONTAP systems to use.

    Each node in the HA pair requires an array LUN for the root volume and an array LUN for core dumps.

  2. Configure parameters on the storage array that are required to work with ONTAP.