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ONTAP FlexArray

Example of non-optimized usage of a storage array target port

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

When the number of I/O requests queued on a given storage array target port exceeds the number of requests that the port can handle, it results in non-optimized usage of the target port.

You can detect such non-optimized usage of a given target port in the output display of the storage array show command.

Output example displaying errors on detecting non-optimized usage of a target port

The following example shows the error returned by the storage array show command on detecting non-optimized usage of a given target port:

vgv3070f50ab::> storage array show -name HP_HSV450_2

                Name: HP_HSV450_2
              Vendor: HP
               Model: HSV450
       Serial Number: 50014380025d1500
 Optimization Policy: iALUA
            Affinity: AAA

Warning: HP_HSV450_2 Detected non optimized usage of a target port. WWPN: 2703750270235, average service time: 215ms, average latency: 30ms