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ONTAP FlexArray

Valid pathing: stand-alone system with a single 2-port array LUN group

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

A fabric-attached stand-alone system with a single 2-port array LUN group is supported with most storage arrays for all ONTAP releases.


Different storage arrays, even those from the same vendor, might label the ports differently from those shown in the example. On your storage array, you need to ensure that the ports you select are on alternate controllers.

The following illustration shows a single 2-port array LUN group with a stand-alone ONTAP system:

In a single 2-port array LUN group configuration with a stand-alone system

When validating your installation, you can check your command output against the example below to verify that the number of LUN groups is what you intended and that there are redundant paths.


The following example shows the expected storage array config show output for the illustrated configuration—​a single LUN group (LUN group 0) with two redundant paths to each array LUN. (The redundant paths in the output that match the illustration are shown in the array target port names 201A00a0b80fee04 and 202A00a0b80fee0420.)

vs1::> storage array config show
             LUN   LUN
Node         Group Count     Array Name    Array Target Port   Initiator
------------ ----- ----- ----------------- ------------------- ----------
vs1           0    50        DGC_RAID5_1	 201A00a0b80fee04     0a
                                             202A00a0b80fee04     0h