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ONTAP FlexArray

Benefits of using multiple LUN groups

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

You can use multiple LUN groups in your storage configuration for additional capacity and for improving the system performance by spreading the workload across more target ports.

A LUN group is set of logical devices on the storage array that an ONTAP system accesses over the same paths. The storage array administrator configures a set of logical devices as a group to define which host WWPNs can access them. ONTAP refers to this set of devices as a LUN group.

Benefits of using multiple LUN groups are as follows:

  • There are limits on the number of LUNs that a given FC initiator port pair can support.

    For large storage arrays in particular, the required capacity might exceed what a single LUN group can provide. Therefore, using multiple LUN groups can be beneficial.

  • You can partition the load of array LUNs over the FC initiator port pairs.


Using multiple LUN groups is not supported for all storage arrays. See the Interoperability Matrix to determine whether a configuration using multiple LUN groups is supported for your storage array.

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