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ONTAP FlexArray

FC initiator ports required for connection to native disks

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

You must connect a V-Series system to native disk shelves through the FC initiator ports. The number of initiator ports required for the connection depends on whether the V-Series system is a stand-alone system or in an HA pair.

The following table lists the required number of FC initiator ports for connecting a V-Series system to native disk shelves, depending on the system configuration:

Configuration Number of FC initiator ports

Stand-alone system

  • If you are using one loop, one FC initiator port

  • If you are connecting two loops, two FC initiator ports: one for each loop

HA pair

  • If you are using multipath storage, two FC initiator ports for each loop

  • If you are not using multipath storage, one FC initiator port per controller for each loop in the configuration