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ONTAP FlexArray

How EMC VNX storage array control access to data

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

EMC VNX array use Storage Groups to control access to data. A Storage Group is one or more LUNs within the storage array that can be accessed only by the host or hosts that you associate with the array LUNs. A host cannot access or modify data in any array LUNs that are not part of its Storage Group.

ONTAP supports multiple Storage Groups if these rules are followed:

  • Switch zoning must define which target ports the FC initiator ports on the ONTAP system use to access each array LUN group.

  • LUN masking must be used to restrict host access to array LUNs.

  • Storage Groups must define which array LUN groups are presented to each FC initiator port.

  • One FC initiator port pair on each ONTAP system is required for each array LUN group.

If array LUN neighborhoods are used, the V-Series systems in the same neighborhood must be in the same Storage Group.