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ONTAP FlexArray

Planning summary for a V-Series system using native disks

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

You can install native disk shelves on new or existing V-Series systems. However, you must consider a few additional factors if you plan to install native disk shelves on V-Series systems, compared to installing the disk shelves on FAS systems.

Additional planning considerations for basic setup on V-Series systems with disks

You must consider the following when determining basic setup and installation requirements for your V-Series system that uses native disks:

  • If the V-Series system is ordered with disk shelves, the factory configures the root volume and installs licenses and ONTAP software (just as it does for FAS systems).

  • If the V-Series system is not ordered with disk shelves, you must plan to install the ONTAP software and appropriate licenses.

  • ONTAP automatically assigns ownership to native disks attached to the V-Series system.

Additional planning considerations if the V-Series system uses both disks and array LUNs

The following table summarizes additional planning considerations and the location of information to help you with each task.

Planning consideration Where to find guidelines

Location of the root volume

How many disks and array LUNs combined can be assigned without exceeding the supported maximum limit for the V-Series system

FC initiator port usage

The type of data that should reside on disks and the type of data that should reside on array LUNs

You must evaluate the type of data that needs to be managed, and then decide whether the data can reside on native disks or array LUNs.