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ONTAP FlexArray

Rules for sharing a target port with multiple FC initiator ports

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

Connecting a maximum of two ONTAP FC initiator ports to a single target port on the storage array is supported. Each target port is zoned into two FC initiator ports, one from each cluster node. Sharing a target port connected to ONTAP systems with any other host is not supported.

Sharing a target port with multiple initiators helps in optimizing the use of storage array ports for connectivity with ONTAP systems.

The rules for this configuration are as follows:

  • When the ONTAP systems are in an HA pair, each node can share at the most one FC initiator port with the same target port.

  • All storage arrays must be from the same vendor and model family.

  • Connecting a single target port to multiple FC initiator ports is supported for MetroCluster configurations.

  • The best practice for zoning is to have each FC initiator-target port pair in a separate zone (1:1).

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