ONTAP FlexArray

Requirements for zoning in a configuration with storage arrays

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

You must follow the zoning requirements in your ONTAP configuration with storage arrays to ensure that the ONTAP system can access the correct set of LUNs.

  • The Interoperability Matrix must identify a switch and the switch firmware as supported for the ONTAP configuration.

  • Zoning must be configured to restrict each initiator port to a single target port on each storage array.

  • On the switch, ports on the ONTAP system and ports on the storage array must be assigned to the same zone.

    This enables the ONTAP systems to access the LUNs on the storage arrays.

  • When storage array ports are shared across heterogeneous systems, array LUNs from the ONTAP system cannot be exposed to other systems.

    LUN security or array LUN masking must be used to ensure that the array LUNs for ONTAP storage are visible only to the ONTAP systems.

  • A host configuration port must not be included in the same zone as a target port.