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SnapManager for Hyper-V

SMB 3.0 support for Hyper-V VMs in Windows Server 2012


Microsoft enhanced the VSS infrastructure to support application-consistent backups of Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) running on SMB 3.0 shares using the new Remote VSS Hardware Provider running on the SMB target.

A new provider named SMB File Share Provider is available in Windows 2012 Hypervisor to support and coordinate the Hyper-V VM backups running on SMB 3.0 shares.

When the VSS Requestor (SnapManager for Hyper-V) adds an SMB 3.0 share containing Hyper-V VMs to the VSS Snapshot set, VSS invokes the new SMB File Share Copy Provider to send the MSRPC commands to the SMB target to coordinate the VSS backups.

The new File Share Shadow Copy Agent (Remote VSS Provider) running on the SMB target is responsible for creating the actual hardware Snapshot copy.

Data ONTAP 8.2 implements the file share shadow copy agent (Remote VSS Hardware Provider) to perform the application-consistent backup copy of the SMB shares.