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SnapManager for Hyper-V

Set up a SnapInfo LUN


You must add a SnapInfo LUN in SnapManager for Hyper-V to store the dataset backup metadata. The SnapInfo path must reside on a ONTAP LUN, because SnapManager for Hyper-V makes a backup of the SnapInfo copy after a regular backup occurs.

What you'll need

The SnapInfo path can reside on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) if you are running a Windows Server 2012 cluster. If you manage dedicated virtual machines, the SnapInfo location must be to a dedicated ONTAP LUN. If you manage shared virtual machines, the SnapInfo location must be to a shared ONTAP LUN.

  1. Create a new shared disk by using SnapDrive for Windows.

    1. When given the option to choose a Microsoft Cluster Services Group, select the option Create a new cluster group.

    2. Name the group smhv_snapinfo and complete the process.

  2. Open Windows Failover Clustering (WFC) and verify that the new group is online.

  3. Install SnapManager for Hyper-V on each node in the cluster.

  4. Run the Configuration wizard and apply the SnapInfo configuration settings to all nodes in the cluster.

    1. Select one of the hosts.

    2. From the Navigation pane, click Protection  Hosts.

    3. From the Actions pane, run the Configuration wizard.

    4. Apply the SnapInfo settings to the newly created LUN.


When the Configuration wizard is run, the SnapInfo configuration settings are replicated to all nodes in the cluster. Related information