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SnapManager for Hyper-V

Download SnapManager for Hyper-V


Before installing SnapManager for Hyper-V, you must download the software package from the NetApp Support Site.

What you'll need

You must have login credentials for the NetApp Support Site.

  1. Log in to the NetApp Support Site.

  2. Go to the Download Software page.

  3. From the drop-down list, select the operating system on which you are installing SnapManager for Hyper-V and click Go!

  4. Click View & Download for the software version you want to install.

  5. On the Description page, click Continue.

  6. Review and accept the license agreement.

  7. On the Download page, click the link for the installation file.

  8. Save the SnapManager for Hyper-V file to a local or network directory.

  9. Click Save File.

  10. Verify the checksum to ensure that the software downloaded correctly.