Shutting down the nodes

You must shut down the nodes in the chassis prior to moving them to the new chassis.

Before you begin


  1. Disable the HA pair.
    If your system is running clustered ONTAP with... Then...
    Two nodes in the cluster cluster ha modify -configured falsestorage failover modify -node node0 -enabled false
    More than two nodes in the cluster storage failover modify -node node0 -enabled false
  2. Halt the node, pressing y when you are prompted to confirm the halt: system node halt -node node_name
    The confirmation message looks like the following:
    Warning: Rebooting or halting node
    "node_name" in an HA-enabled cluster may result in client disruption or data access
    failure. To ensure continuity of service, use the "storage
    failover takeover" command. Are you sure you want to halt node
    "node_name"? {y|n}:
    Attention: You must perform a clean system shutdown before replacing chassis to avoid losing unwritten data in the nonvolatile memory (NVRAM). If the NVRAM LED is flashing, there is content in the NVRAM that has not been saved to disk. You need to reboot the controller module and start from the beginning of this procedure. If repeated attempts to cleanly shut down the controller module fail, be aware that you might lose any data that was not saved to disk.
  3. Where applicable, halt the second node to avoid a possible quorum error message in an HA pair configuration:: system node halt -node second_node_name -ignore-quorum-warnings true