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Back up a volume snapshot to a SolidFire cluster

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You can back up volume snapshots residing on a SolidFire cluster to a remote SolidFire cluster.

Ensure that the source and target clusters are paired.

When backing up or restoring from one cluster to another, the system generates a key to be used as authentication between the clusters. This bulk volume write key allows the source cluster to authenticate with the destination cluster, providing a level of security when writing to the destination volume. As part of the backup or restore process, you need to generate a bulk volume write key from the destination volume before starting the operation.

  1. On the destination cluster, click Management > Volumes.

  2. Click the Actions icon for the destination volume.

  3. In the resulting menu, click Restore from.

  4. In the Integrated Restore dialog box under Restore from, select SolidFire.

  5. Select a data format under Data Format:

    • Native: A compressed format readable only by SolidFire storage systems.

    • Uncompressed: An uncompressed format compatible with other systems.

  6. Click Generate Key.

  7. Copy the key from the Bulk Volume Write Key box to your clipboard.

  8. On the source cluster, click Data Protection > Snapshots.

  9. Click the Actions icon for the snapshot you want to use for the backup.

  10. In the resulting menu, click Backup to.

  11. In theIntegrated Backup dialog box under Backup to, select SolidFire.

  12. Select the same data format you selected earlier in the Data Format field.

  13. Enter the management virtual IP address of the destination volume's cluster in the Remote Cluster MVIP field.

  14. Enter the remote cluster user name in the Remote Cluster Username field.

  15. Enter the remote cluster password in the Remote Cluster Password field.

  16. In the Bulk Volume Write Key field, paste the key you generated on the destination cluster earlier.

  17. Click Start Read.