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View Fibre Channel ports details

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You can view details of Fibre Channel ports such as its status, name, and port address from the FC Ports page.

View information about the Fibre Channel ports that are connected to the cluster.

  1. Click Cluster > FC Ports.

  2. To filter information on this page, click Filter.

  3. Review the details:

    • Node ID: The node hosting the session for the connection.

    • Node Name: System-generated node name.

    • Slot: Slot number where the Fibre Channel port is located.

    • HBA Port: Physical port on the Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA).

    • WWNN: The world wide node name.

    • WWPN: The target world wide port name.

    • Switch WWN: World wide name of the Fibre Channel switch.

    • Port State: Current state of the port.

    • nPort ID: The node port ID on the Fibre Channel fabric.

    • Speed: The negotiated Fibre Channel speed. Possible values are as follows:

      • 4Gbps

      • 8Gbps

      • 16Gbps