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Edit snapshot retention

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You can change the retention period for a snapshot to control when or if the system deletes snapshots. The retention period you specify begins when you enter the new interval. When you set a retention period, you can select a period that begins at the current time (retention is not calculated from the snapshot creation time). You can specify intervals in minutes, hours, and days.

  1. Click Data Protection > Snapshots.

  2. Click the Actions icon for the snapshot you want to edit.

  3. In the resulting menu, click Edit.

  4. Optional: Select theInclude Snapshot in Replication When Paired check box to ensure that the snapshot is captured in replication when the parent volume is paired.

  5. Optional: Select a retention option for the snapshot:

    • Click Keep Forever to retain the snapshot on the system indefinitely.

    • Click Set Retention Period and use the date spin boxes to select a length of time for the system to retain the snapshot.

  6. Click Save Changes.