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Determine which SolidFire components to install

Contributors netapp-pcarriga netapp-dbagwell

You might want to check which SolidFire components, such as the management node, Active IQ and the NetApp Monitoring Agent (NMA), that you should install, depending on configuration and deployment choices.

The following table lists the additional components and indicates whether you should install them.

Component Standalone SolidFire storage cluster NetApp HCI cluster

Management node


Installed by default, required

Active IQ



NetApp Monitoring Agent

Not supported


*Active IQ is required for capacity-licensed SolidFire storage clusters.

  1. Determine which components should be installed.

  2. Complete the installation according to the install the management node procedure.

    Note To set up Active IQ, use the --telemetry_active parameter in the setup script to enable data collection for analytics by Active IQ.
  3. For NetApp Monitoring Agent information, see this procedure.